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Nintendo walks out with its 2009 game line-up

nintendo dsi white
nintendo dsi white

nintendo_dsi_white.jpgNintendo takes the road less travelled and comes up smelling pine
fresh. It also wants us all to get off our fat backsides and get some
exercise. So much so, its new for 2009 game aims at getting us out for
a walk.

The DS title, called "Walk with Me!" is less to do with cult TV favourite Twin Peaks and more a gentle exercise regime.

It aims to  "Put a spring in your step and help to enrich your life in
2009," hold on we were just tucking into our fourteenth turkey lunch
with all the trimmings.

"A good active walking routine is recognised as an important part of a
balanced and healthy lifestyle," tweets the release. "Now Nintendo’s Walk with me! can help
you to get in tune with your personal walking regime, compare it with
friends, family or even your pet, and see how you compare to walkers
across the globe!"

At least it’s not shouting at us to get fit, we s’pose. The game comes
with pedometer, known here as an "Activity Meter" that measures what
you are getting up to.

"The Activity Meter will fit into your bag or pocket as you walk and
will measure your activity through the day. You can set daily walking
targets with a basic setting of 3,000 steps which can be increased each
day to suit your activity levels."

You can port the data form the widget to your DS to keep an eye on your progress in going from chunk to hunk.

The game will compare you with others from around the world and there
are several mini-games to get you going. Space Journey helps you walk
across the Solar System in tandem with others.

"The distance between planets has been calculated in steps and you will
see graphically how you and other world users are doing on your journey
through space."

The game comes out on 20 February.

Also lined up for a 2009 launch on the DS are, among others, XG Blast, My Pet Zoo Vet and Hotel for Dogs.