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Virgin attaches go-faster stripes to broadband

virgin media logo
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virgin_media_logo.jpgSo most of us are trundling along at two or 3Mbps on our broadband
(despite being promised more) but from next year Virgin Media customers
could be getting internet at 50Mbps.

The cable TV company unveiled the new service, which is nine times
faster than the average broadband speed in the UK, which means that
users will be able to download an album in 11 seconds of a TV programme
in around a minute.

The service looks set to roll-out across the country in 2009 with
Warrington being the most likely place to start given its strangely
high density of Virgin Media subscribers. Trials of the service were carried out in Kent earlier this year.

At present there is no word on pricing or whether the data throughput
will be traffic managed. The new 50Mbps service will be more than
double the advertised speed of nearest rival Be Broadband’s 24Mbps

The company is also looking to add more HD channels. In a speech to
delegates at the UBS Global Media and Communications Conference in New
York, Virgin Media’s CEO Neil Berkett said that it was looking to
"level the linear content playing field versus Sky," and had a plan to
add four high-definition channels. But he didn’t add any more detail
than that.

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