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Review: Hannsg HP076VD portable DVD player

hannsg hp076vd
hannsg hp076vd

Hannsg HP076vdHannsg has an inexpensive answer to your portable DVD needs, but is it any good?

Well, you might expect to see the words Fisher Price stamped on the side when you first experience the plastic feel of this unit, but its lightweight materials are just that – lightweight – making this one of the easiest models to carry around.

A simple layout including all the major useful buttons adds to the basic feel, but your eyebrows will do a Roger Moore when you realise how many extra features are thrown in.

The ability to watch DivX movies, view photos and playback music is especially welcome thanks to the option to access files a USB stick or an SD memory card.

So what’s the catch? Well, the battery life of the HP076VD could be better, with only around two hours on the clock (although it does come with a car charging lead).

The screen – although passable – is also not the best, with lines visible at times and a contrast that’ll have you fiddling with the brightness button.

Still, at £50 this is ace for those on a budget.


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Dimensions: 210mm x 155mm x 41mm
Weight: 0.8Kg
Battery Life: 2 hours
Reads: DVD; CD; CD-R; CD-RW; Kodak Picture CD; JPEG; MP3; DivX
Available connections: AV in/out; Coaxial; Progressive Scan; Headphones
External Media: SD Card; USB

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