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Five great Playstation Home secrets

ps3 home tv
ps3 home tv

ps3_home_tv.jpgWith Playstation Home only being out a matter of days, there are some interesting secrets that the new “game” has inside.

Put up you own advertising posters

Home is littered with advertising just like in real-life, but if you are geeky enough you should be able to have your own posters to look at instead of the ones Sony would obviously like you to see.

You need to set up an Apache webserver on another machine on your local network as well as another program called DNS Plus. You then need to download these files from Streetskaterfu in the htdocs folder of your newly installed folder.

In DNS Plus enter in a zone name called “scee-home.playstation.net” for Europe or “scea-home.playstation.net” for the US (sans quotes) and add theIP address of your local Apache server.

Once that is done, go to htdocs to c.homeprodliveScreens on the Apache server and look for a file called CinemaChannels.xml. This file lists the poster files that render on Home. you can change these to whatever you like and customise your experience.

More details here.


Find a hidden message in Home

When you start furnishing your harbourside apartment, pick a sofa and place it outside you apartment. In fact take it to the edge of the quay. When you dump it on top of stone a message will appear. See this video below.



Get yourself into an Uncharted room

There are three doors you can open up here and gain access to this room.

1024 then 1577 383 unlocks the downstairs door, while 41675 unlocks the upstairs left door and 24312 unlocks the upstairs right door.

Get some new clothes courtesy of Echochrome

If you gain 4,000 points on Level A of this game you can get yourself some new gloves, shirt, trousers and shoes. 10,000 points on the same level gets you a shiny trophy.

But there are two easy ways of scoring 10,000 points on Level A of Echochrome in Home’s Bowling Alley. If you can isolate yourself on the top level once there are 10 enemies on screen you can quicken things by collecting echos or just wait 17 minutes if you haven’t collected any. At this point, even with no echoes, you will get all the rewards for this level.

Get to a game space quickly

Walking around can be pretty boring and if you want to get to the games spaces quickly then open the menu pad and go to “Locations”, then click on the “World Map” and search out the desired game space.