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Red Bull gets its wings on PlayStation Home

ps3 home tv
ps3 home tv

ps3_home_tv.jpgWhile PS3
owners’ thirst for Playstation Home continues to increase, energy
drink manufacturer Red Bull hopes to satisfy gamers’ cravings by
building the first commercial presence in Sony’s online community.

to marketing industry moguls at Brand Republic, Red Bull hope to come
good on the promise of their famous slogan, by giving players virtual
wings in an air racing game above a tropical island.

Beasley, brand marketing manager for Red Bull UK, said: "The
game gave us the first opportunity to recreate in the gaming world
what we try to do in the real world, which is to facilitate
interaction, to give people stories, memories, experiences and a
really good opportunity to interact with the brand."

said Home would serve as an easy medium for corporate brands to take
their first steps into the gaming world.

This isn’t
the first partnership between Sony and Red Bull. Back in 1996, the
Red Bull logo appeared in PS1 title Wipeout 2097.

PlayStation Home open beta is due to commence by the end of December.

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