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PS3 will support Pioneer 400GB Blu-ray discs

ps3 2consoles
ps3 2consoles

ps3_2consoles.jpgIf you thought that the 50GB Blu-ray discs held a lot of data, then
these will look like piffling 32MB flash disks compared to the new
400GB Blu-ray discs that Pioneer are developing.

The new discs contain 16 separate data layers and hold eight times the
amount of information than normal Blu-ray discs. Pioneer also confirmed
that all current Blu-ray players and PS3 games consoles will be able to
read data from the discs.

The extra storage will allow more detail in high-definition films and
will allow discs to contain whole series of programmes. The extra space
will also allow for more special features.

The discs will start shipping sometime in 2010 with discs holding 1TB of data being available in 2013.