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Turn your iPod Touch into a mobile phone

ipod touch truphone
ipod touch truphone

If you decided you
liked the iPhone but didn’t like the price (or the network carrier) you
can still have that iPhone experience with an iPod Touch, thanks to
those kind people at Truphone.

The VoIP company has come up with
a handy application that can turn the Touch into a proper mobile phone
(well, not quite but we’ll explain).

Users of the so-called "funniest" iPod can download Truphone
for iPod touch
– which "effectively turns the Touch into a mobile phone.

installed and used with a microphone adaptor, a user can make and
receive free calls as long as they are in range of a normal Wi-Fi
network (not a mobile phone network).

People can call other Truphone users as well as users of Google Talk, MSN and Skype. The

Users can also IM over Skype and MSN and check their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Link: Truphone