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Turkey hotline promises better gobble

turkey dinner
turkey dinner

A turkey dinner yesterdayOver here in the US, they’ve already had one go at getting the turkey right thanks to Thanksgiving. But in the UK, many people will be having their first attempt at Christmas. Who you gonna call?

Well, there’s now a turkey hotline to help you get the best out of your bird.

"Who do you turn to when it’s Christmas Eve and the turkey you’ve just lugged home from the shops won’t go in the oven? Or the recipe says ‘stuff the neck end’ – and you just can’t tell which end is which?" the PR person asks.

"You call the turkey hotline of course!"

So, how much is this gonna cost you’re no doubt thinking?

Well, the 0800 783 9994 number is free in the UK.
According to the hotline’s press bod, hundreds of people ring this freephone SOS number in the lead-up to the Big Day.

"They are reassured by the fact it is manned by real live people, not machines, right up until 5pm on Christmas Eve," she said.

However, as the countdown to Christmas gets closer, the callers apparently get more desperate – with questions such as:
* How can I make the turkey cook quicker this year to stop everyone getting drunk before dinner?
* Can I cook it from frozen?
* Can I part-cook it then finish it off when I get to my mother-in-laws?
* Will my 25lb turkey thaw before tomorrow morning? (The answer to that one is no – a bird that size will take a couple of days to defrost).
One thing callers don’t have to worry about is embarrassment – the turkey hotline claims to have heard it all before!

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