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BlackBerry upgrades Storm

blackberry storm sidebyside
blackberry storm sidebyside

blackberry_storm_sidebyside.jpgShame that the new BlackBerry Storm was met with a less than enthusiastic response, as the concept is great, if the delivery is a little lacking. Never mind, RIM seems to have listened to the concerns of fuming owners by releasing a new firmware update.

Unfortunately it is not really an official update as such. The firmware version is currently available on the very unofficial fansite crackberry.com. Users wanting to update their iPhone-rivalling Storm will need to hook it up to a PC.

According to DonNguyen at Crackberry, users need to back up data and third party apps before rolling out the update. This firmware should fix problems with the keyboard, volume levels, random reboots as well as many more, making the Storm somewhat more usable than previous.

Those waiting for an official release (which is more sensible) will get it sometime in mid-December. The OTA update will take between 15 and 90 minutes to complete.

Another, even newer version is floating around at the moment. According to Boy Genius Report, there is a 0.76 version around the increases battery time by 25 per cent as well as bringing faster portrait to landscape switching and more responsive taps on the screen. Although this update also has a few bugs to iron out before it should go live.

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