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Google’s Android turns white (and yellow and purple and green)


In case you were wondering while traversing the local mobile phone shop
who had spray painted Google’s G1 mobile phone answer to the iPhone.
Trouble not, T-Mobile has gone official with the news that the mobile
now comes in albino.

The G1 was originally bought out in none-too-fetching bronze or
acceptable black, but the handset has got all cool on us and gone
while, just like an iPod.

Luckily, and unlike cars, the white colour won’t be anymore expensive than the others.

Of course, if you don’t like white, the Colorware
has a solution. The company is offering users the chance to personalise
these phones with various different colours and finish them off with a
tough plastic coating (called X2) to protect against scratching and

Unfortunately, this is currently only open to US residients and costs
$150. So if you live outside, get an American friend to get it done on
your behalf.

The phone has been a surprising success not only for Google and
T-Mobile, the operator that sells the phone in the UK, but also handset
manufacturer HTC. The Chinese company now expects to ship a million
units by the end of the year, doubling up on earlier predicitons. Two
million are now expected to sell by the end of 2009.

This compares with 6.9 million iPhones Apple has shifted up til September this year.

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