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Review: Sennheiser VMX Office headset

senn vmx office
senn vmx office

Sennheiser have launched "the only talk headset you’ll ever need", the VMX Office
– a pretty outstanding quote to say the least.

Featuring a ultra-light, high end voice headset compatible with mobile phone, PC, VOIP and landline,
the headset has a 35m range, intelligent adaptive sound, adaptive
volume control, "safe headset" technology – to protect users ears from
unwanted noise – and a 10m range from a mobile phone, it seems that
this piece of equipment will be very useful in a variety of ways –
especially with the growing use of internet communication such as Skype.

The VMX office headset is released following the success of its sister headset the VMX
100 and uses Bluetooth technology to give users the free range motion
which many of us look for when using a headset. Especially when using a
computer device which would normally restrict us to sit in front of the
computer screen a few metres away at least – it seems that many users
may be using the internet as a very cheap means of communication even
more so with technology such as theVMX.

With times becoming increasingly hard because of the credit crunch every little counts as Tesco would say, and the VMX
Office helps that little bit more, by providing a standby feature which
switches off automatically when removed from the ear and folded,
meaning when you next use it, you will find a fully charged battery.

The VMX Office comes accompanied with a desktop base station, USB
charge cable, car charger, PC cable and RJ9-RJ45 adapter cable.

The only downside is that this headset may not be very economic for your wallet which will feel the crunch with an RRP
of £199.99, but if you want a product that is practical for everyday
usage and provides sound productivity then this is a very worthwhile

Rating: 8/10