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Review: LG DP391B portable DVD player

lg dp391b portable dvd
lg dp391b portable dvd

LG DP391B portable DVD playerWhat do you do with your DVD player when you’re not using it to beat travel boredom? Stick it in the carry case awaiting the next trip, or pop it on the sideboard and use it as a digital photo frame to display your snaps? LG thinks you should be doing the latter and the company has designed the DP391B to do just that…

That secondary function means the device is beautifully crafted so as not to stick out like a sore appendage in your home. The stand pulls down to prop the device up for viewing, with the player actually pulling apart in the centre to add and remove disks.

It might be expensive at £199, but you can immediately see where your money is going with this high-end portable device. The 800 x 480 WVGA screen almost fills the front of the DP391B, giving you a cracking widescreen picture that will be watched – rather than mocked – by your fellow passengers. Since that screen is big enough to share, LG has also handily supplied two headphone sockets – so there’s no need to pack a dual adaptor.

Usability is also top notch, with buttons nestled around the edges if you don’t happen to have the remote control to hand. There’s even a wonderfully accurate button on the front that allows you to flip eloquently through the DVD menus and select options. Thought has also gone into preserving the three-hours plus battery life, with the unit switching itself off after a period of inactivity.

The DP391B comes with 256MB of internal memory as standard to drop pictures, music files or smaller movies onto. Top that off with the ability to access content on SD memory cards or USB Flash drives and you’re left wanting for nothing.

The only shame in these credit-crunch times is that the price tag is enough to make a lot of consumers do a Bond title and think twice – especially given the quality of some of the cheaper players out there. But if you’ve got the cash floating around, you won’t be disappointed.


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Dimensions: 231mm x 40.2mm x 145mm
Weight: 1.06Kg  
Battery Life: 3 hours 30 mins
Available connections: AV in/out; 2 x headphones
External Media: SD Card; USB.



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