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PS3 v2.53 firmware update detailed

ps3 2consoles
ps3 2consoles

ps3_2consoles.jpgWhile Microsoft’s Xbox gets a mega update (see our Xbox NXE tips and tricks),
Sony likes to do it little and often with the PS3. The company has just
released details about the upcoming v2.53 firmware update.

Among the improvements and new features will be flash video support,
power save options for controllers plus enhancements of the playback
quality of PS3 format software.

The update will allow gamers to set the PS3 to switch off automatically
following downloads and installations (so we can get to bed a little

Among the other updates are BD/DVD is now called Video Settings, which
also features sequential Playback. You will also be able to change the
keyboard type to German (Switzerland), French (Canada) and French
(Switzerland) – handy if you are foreign.

There is also a Volume Control setting where gamers can select volume levels from 1 to 9 (but sadly not 11).

The browser now also supports Adobe Flash Player 9, so you can watch YouTube vids on the PS3.

The new update will be available via the PlayStation Network later today.