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Sony stamps on PS3 price cut rumour

ps3 topview
ps3 topview

ps3_topview.jpgWiil it? Won’t it? It looks increasingly likely that it won’t. Sony has
moved to quell speculation that the PS3 could be coming in for a price
cut in Easter.

As reported by Absolute Gadget, Sony was looking set to drop the price of the Blu-ray enable player in March next year as an anonymous tip-off
to web fanzine D+Pad.

But the PS3 vendor wheeled out the spokesbot to dismiss suggestions of any such thing taking place.

A Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) spokesperson told Edge Online: "There are no plans for
a price reduction on [the] PS3 in March 2009, and anything reported on
or discussed otherwise is purely rumour or speculation."

So there you have it. Move along, nothing more to see here….