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The American Adventure Upgraded

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iPass logo iPassconnectYou know the score: we’re in the US; we’re gadget friendly; and we’re always looking for a way to upgrade our experience. Step up iPassConnect and its internet coverage…

The service from iPassConnect can help us stay in touch in two ways. Thanks to deals with a number of Wi-Fi providers, anytime we enter a Starbucks, McDonalds, Borders, FedEx Kinkos, Hilton hotels and a host of other locations, we’ll be able to access their wireless networks using the iPassConnect software and a password.

A free hotspot finder allows us to locate services from a handheld. Meanwhile, a website also lets us lookup venue locations.

Of course, should we find ourselves away from one of those sources, the PC card offering high-speed 3G internet access fills in the blanks anywhere in the US. Working anywhere there’s a US network signal, it’s what we’re using right now.

Look out for a full review soon.