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Top 10 iPhone games

apple iphone 3g
apple iphone 3g

apple_iphone_3g.jpgWhen the iPhone was finally opened up to
third party developers who would have thought that this would lead to
it looking like a rival to the Nintendo DS or Sony PSP. We look at the
top 10 games you can download for the iPhone.

No.1 – Super Monkey Ball

just maybe, this little monkey can be to the Iphone what Mario is to
the Nintendo and what Sonic was to Sega. In this game you are a little
monkey cruelly trapped in some see-through ball and your job is to help
guide him by tilting and rolling him through a series of obstable
courses using the phone’s accelerometer.

Of course time is not
on your side and you have to finish each stage before it runs out. Not
only that you also have to collect bananas on the way as this helps you
gain extra lives.

The game itself is composed of five worlds and 110 stages so worth the $9.99.

No.2 – iKick

simple game, but addictive once played. The idea is to tap the ball in
order to keep it in the air. Really a game of keepie-uppies. The
current high score is around 300 so lots of practice is needed. Warning
you may look odd to others on the train when playing this.

For just 99 cents, it is hard to pass by this one.

{mospagebreak}No.3 – Cro-mag Rally

Lewis Hamilton was around a few million years ago, we reckon he would
have appeared in this game. With overtones of the Flintstones, Cro-mag
Rally is a racing game set in the stone age (as imagined by some
American TV exec no doubt).

Playing a caveman or woman, the game
is pretty much standard kart racing game fare with trakc ranging from
tropic jungles, to snowy mountains, to the Great Wall of China, and
even the lost city of Atlantis.

Again you tilt your phone to steer and use on-screen buttons to accelerate, reverse, and firing items forward or behind you.

For $1.99 a good purchase but w=once your mastered it you may lose interest quickly.

No.4 – Billy Frontier

you liked spaghetti westerns then don you cowboy hat, slip on your
leather chaps and polish up your guns for the quick draw game.

But of course, this western’s in space and it’s up to you to clean up the wild west galaxy of flithy aliens.

when not trying to avoid rampaging bulls that look a little like that
fish out of Finding Nemo then you can duel with some of the universes
finest gunslingers.

For $3.99, the graphics and audio make this an interesting purchase.

{mospagebreak}No.5 – Line Rider iRide

where you make up your own levels are growing more popular and also it
saves developers the bother of having to do it instead.

Basically you draw a ski slpe and a little character can then slide down it on a sledge. Err, that’s it.

For theat privilegde you will need to fork out $2.99.

No.6 – Tetris

remebers playing this one in the late eighties and then realising that
girls too are interested in gaming when the right gaem comes along.

course it gets an iPhone update on the block arranging game through the
innovative use of the phones touch controls. Cost: $8.

{mospagebreak}No.7 – Blue Skies

from the title you can guess that the game is about flying. This game
really shows off the graphical capabilities of the iPhone. Not only
that it really shows how the accelerometer can be used in a game to
great effect.

Your mission is to fly around in a helicopter and
shoot enemy tanks and planes as well as clear landmines (Princess Diana
would be proud – God bless her). Tapping the lower right corner shoots
missiles and lower left clears tanks and landmines.

There are 30
levels to get through and after that we wouldn’t be surprised if you
came down with a dose of post-traumatic stress disorder. It’s also come
down in price to $5.99 from the original $10.

No.8 – Ms. Pacman

games don’t effect us. Playing Pacman didn’t end up with me moving
around darkened rooms, listening to repetitive music and eating lots of
pills (err, maybe!)

It’s nice to get all retro with this version of Pacman’s other half Ms. Pacman (she was a feminist don’t cha know).

can play this game in two ways; classic D-Pad mode or Accelerometer
mode. As with the original, there are four different mazes and 256
levels that stay pretty close to arcade game. Price: $9.99.

{mospagebreak}No.9 – Bomberman Touch

gaming classic makes its way to the iPhone. Bomber Jack walks through
mazes, placing bombs to destroy obstacles and roaming monsters.
Power-up icons help make the character stronger, faster, better at
placing bombs, and more capable of moving them around; power-down icons
strip you of abilities, and you lose powers by dying, and in some cases
just by completing levels. Cost: $7.99.

No.10 – Texas Hold’em

game comes from Apple itself and sees you play poker against a range of
differently-skilled players on the computer or against others via the
wi-fi connections.

You can switch between a top-down classic
view of the more immersive first-person view. The better you play the
better the chance to get onto bigger tables with higher stakes. Cost: