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Apple sued over iPhone problems

apple iphone 3g
apple iphone 3g

apple_iphone_3g.jpgWhile the rest of the world swoons over the Jesus phone, others are not
so sure. One New Yorker has had enough of the build quality of his
phone and has decided to sue the Cupertino company.

Avi Koschitzki has claimed that the Iphone’s 3G coverage is poor and complained of cracks appearing on the housing of the phone.

"Although Apple was and is aware that the handsets were and are
defective, and that consumers have experienced repeated instances of
cracked housings, Apple has nevertheless allowed the defectively
designed iPhones to be sold to the public," the complaint from
Koschitzki said.

Koschitzki filed suit in a New York district court, seeking class-action status.

The cracks have appeared around the camera lens and logo on the back of
the iPhone, around the volume button on the side as well as other
areas. The problem appears worse on while iPhones as dirt is more
likely to show up on these models.

The suit also claimed that the 3G version of the iPhone would be twice
as fast as the original 2G model. He blamed reception problems on
excessive power draws from AT&T cell phone structures.

"The 3G iPhones demand
too much power from the 3G bandwidths and the AT&T infrastructure
is insufficient to handle this overwhelming 3G signal based on the high
volume of 3G iPhones it and Apple have sold," the suit read.

Mobile operator AT&T is also named in the suit.

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