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Carphone Warehouse to sell Samsung mobile for under a fiver

samsung b130 mobile phone
samsung b130 mobile phone

With Europe in recession and the credit crunch affecting us all it’s
nice to know that some companies are doing their best to cheer us up
with some bargains. Short of giving the thing away, the Carphone
Warehouse is punting the Samsung B130 handset for just £4.95 on PAYG.

While it wouldn’t hold its own against the Apple iPhone or Google’s Android phone. The B130 can actually surf the internet.

The dual band mobile also sports WAP and GPRS and a USB port to connect
it to a laptop. There is a 1.52-inch display is a 65K colour effort
which should help when on t’internet.

It also has polyphonic ringtones. Sadly no mp3 player or camera (what did you expect for an ultra-cheap phone!)

Speaking about the cheap handset, Carphone Warehouse CEO Andrew Harrison
said: "As bills are going up we’re committed to bringing our customers
products they can afford with a credit crunch-busting mobile."

The only catch is while the phone is under a five you still have to
shell out for airtime, which will set you back £10. But what a perfect
Christmas present for you granny.

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