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Comment: Balance board gaming fails to Fit the bill

wii fit
wii fit

With the news that the Wii Fit has been dislodged from its place at
the top of the Wii gaming charts, I ponder the question is it really
worth the £70+ that the paying public are being forced to shell out? 

I too was part of the obsessive crowd that just had to have a Wii Fit
from the moment it was launched in the UK. I trawled high street shops
and online offers in a desperate bid to find the package and in the
end I had to settle for a £125 bundle pack. Great news at the time,
I had my hands on the next generation of video gaming but looking back
now with the benefit of hindsight and £125 out of pocket, this was
clearly a disastrous decision.

Of course it is fabulous fun the first few times you jump on that Wii
fit board and there is nothing more satisfying than flying down a ski
jumping slope at breakneck speed but I can assure you that the novelty
soon wares off. Unless you are dedicated to losing weight and getting
fit, you will have had enough of your repetitive personal trainer and
the activities become more of a chore than a fun game to enjoy with
the family.

Although all is not lost for exhausted Wii Fit enthusiasts and there
may be light at the end of the tunnel with EA announcing their decision
to rival the Wii Fit. But as an owner of the latest number one ranking
game in the Wii charts, Mario Kart Wii gets the thumbs up from me and
is a fantastic game full of hours of family fun.

Forget stretching and
balancing, yoga and muscle workouts…get yourself settled on the couch
and enjoy the thrills and spills that Mario Kart Wii will guarantee
to throw at you. 

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