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Football Manager 2009 kicks off tomorrow

football manager 2009
football manager 2009

football_manager_2009.jpgAnticipation is building among the most avid of football fans and with
only one more day to wait, who can blame them? But what is it they crave
that comes around once a year and grabs their attention more than anything

More than the furore that could be expected at the announcement
of a potentially world class signing or the appointment of a new manager
with the promise of taking their club into Europe?

The excitement is of course centred around the release of Football Manager
, Sports Interactive’s latest offering of the greatest and most
realistic football management simulation on the market. So what can
we come to expect from the game that has become so widely followed by
supporters of football from across all corners of the globe? 

Well a 3D match engine is something worth noting for starters. The game
will become more realistic than ever as players come to life in 3D and
will represent a significant shift in SI’s policy of adopting the
simple over the revolutionary.

Add to this a new press conference system will mean that the user will
have substantial control over their comments to the media and you can
even choose to storm out of a press conference completely if a question
from the floor has overstepped your virtual boundaries.

Throw in a revamped transfer system, more in-depth feedback from your
assistant manager and the ability to have female managers and staff
and Football Manager 2009 certainly seems to tick all the right boxes.

And here’s a little taster of what’s to come… (Next page){mospagebreak}