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EA to launch WiiFit rival

ea sports active logo online
ea sports active logo online

ea_sports_active_logo_online.jpgThe WiiFit has certainly been a success, if you need evidence of that,
look at titles that come along after it that are, shall we say,
inspired by the hugely popular game.

EA Sports Active is to launch next spring in the US and will set gamers
back around $59.99. the title itself features around 20 gmaes including
cardio boxing, softball and tennis, and fitness tools such as a virtual
personal trainer and calorie counter.

Gamers will be able to develop custom workouts and go on a 30-day diet programme (handy for after Christmas).

Along wiht the disc will come a neoprene belt to strap the Wiimote and
nunchuck to parts of your body and a resistance band to build up your

There is also a nutritional booklet giving fatties tips on how to avoid
cakes and eat dust instead. Oprah Winfrey’s personal trainer Bob Greene
is endoring the product a little birdie tells us.

EA Sports boss Peter Moore told
Gamespot that the game is the first in a series of titles devoted to fitness.

"You can imagine there’s an abs version down the road, there’s a soccer version down the road," he said.

Moore said that players could themsoelves "having
Ronaldo or [Manchester United player] Wayne Rooney or whomever in
soccer be your trainer".

At present there is no word on a European release date or prices, but
we think it needs to come out just after Christmas to take advantage of
all those that over indulged over the festive period.