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TalkTalk boosts broadband speeds to 24Mbps

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the phone company that ruffled a few feathers when it brought out cheap
broadband for the masses looks like it might do so again with
cheap-as-chips superfast broadband.

The company is launching its
myTalkTalk broadnad package. For a monthly sum of £6.49 you get a basic
service and from there you can add on to this service the bits you need
rather than having the whole lot bundled up for you.

While the
basic service gets you 8Mbps connections speeds, unlimited evening and
weekend calls to UK landlines and a 40GB download limit, among the
range of add-ons is a speed boost of up to 24Mbps using super-fast
ADSL2+ technology.

You can also pay to boost download limits
to 80GB (known as Download Plus) if you download a lot of movies and
music files (legally of course). You can also add in extra security
(courtesy of F-Secure), free anytime calls and half-price calls to
mobiles, each costing £4 per month extra.

The speed boost comes with a money back gurantee if you find if not fast enough for your liking.

is an 18-month contract for the basic service with boosts that can be
added or taken away if so desired after the contract starts.

"People’s communication needs are constantly changing and we need to
provide a phone and broadband service that reflects," said Wendy
Becker, managing director of TalkTalk.

The "Boosts" package is available form 18 November. New customers will need to pay a one-off connection fee of £29.99.

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