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Review: Fujitsu HandyDrive 500GB hard drive

fujitsu handy drive
fujitsu handy drive

Disaster recovery is usually a subject that big compaies talk about and
often plan for, but us individuals don’t seem to consider what would
happen if our stored photos, videos and downloaded music tracks on your
computer suddenly got corrupted? We think it is time to copy your
important stuff to an external disk. Fujitsu think is has the answer in
a big 500GB Handydrive.

The small glossy unit is barely bigger than a standard 3.5-inch disc
drive, measuring 22 x 82 x 141.5mm. It comes with two ports, a USB 2.0
port and another for external power. Now instead of coming with a great
big transformer block, it can either power itself via the USB 2.0 port
or draw power from a cable plugged into a second USB port on a laptop.

This should make installation a doddle to use. And in fact it is. You
know when it is working, it has a green status light that comes on and
also you will notice in Windows that it detects the drive unit and
within second you can open up the drive through Explorer. It also works
pretty well on a Mac as well (but you can’t use the free software that
comes with the drive as this is Windows-only).

The software provided (via Fujitsu website) is Hard Disk Password Lock
Tool and a Hard Disk Format Tool. Both programs are useful but not
using them won’t hinder use of the device.

It has a drive speed of 4200rpm, which admittedly is not the fastest on
the planet but usable. Copying a 2GB file took us around one minute 50
seconds. It is also nearly silent in operation.

The drive unit will set you back around £125, which gets you 500GB of storage.

Overall, if storage is more a pressing need than speed it is worth considering.

Rating: 8/10