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X-Factor voted onto mobiles

x factor logo
x factor logo

The X-Factor logoDidn’t make the grade at the recent X Factor auditions? Well now there’s a chance to get through to the next round and hit the big time thanks to the launch of The X Factor 2008 – The Mobile Game from Namco Bandai.

Based on the award-winning reality TV show, The X Factor 2008 – The Mobile Game gives mobile phone users the chance to test out their own star credentials on the move. 

It allows aspiring pop idols to create and guide their personalised character through each stage of the show as they build a career towards stardom.

Once through the auditions, players will be tested with challenges to sound good, look great and build strong relationships. Players will be able to perform in various mini-games and choose how to use their free time to reach their ultimate dream of musical fame. As part of the long-road to stardom, players will be faced with challenges such as:
* Choreography –Test your coordination to pull off the right moves in the dance studio.
* Singing – Show off those vocal chords to the judges by hitting the right notes at the right time.
* Fan Meeting – Ever important, woo your fans and pose for the paparazzi, just don’t get grabbed by any over-zealous fans!
* Fashion Dash – Pick up the latest styles before your opponents to avoid being decked out in the wrong outfits.
* Groove – Bang the drums and prove you’ve got rhythm to the industry.
“As players fight to launch a single and get to number one in the charts, the story is conveyed through magazine articles, text messages from relatives, friends and the media, and fan page comments made by the competition and fans,” a PR spokesperson belted out in the style of Amy Winehouse.

“With millions of viewers already hooked on finding out if their favourite stars have that extra special something to make it all the way, The X Factor 2008 – The Mobile Game gives everyone the chance to try their own hand at making it to the big time when and wherever they are.”

The game is available immediately across all major UK operators, including Vodafone, O2, T-Mobile and Orange.