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Is Motorola readying Android phone?

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android_logo.jpgIf the rumours are anything to go by, Motorola could have a new mobile phone out next year based on Google’s Android platform.

The handset is said to look a bit like the T-Mobile G1 handset, manufactured by HTC, with a touchscreen interface and a slideaway QWERTY keyboard.

According to reports from website Business Week, the phone will be geared towards social networking with easy access to Facebook
and MySpace. Also, as it is aimed at social networking-mad teens we
should be expecting the phone to come with a teen-friendly price tag.

Motorola did not spill the beans completely it said in a statement that
"We’re excited about the innovation possibilities on Android and look
forward to delivering great products in partnership with Google".

The phone is said to take some features from the company’s new touchscreen Krave smartphone, unveiled last week.