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Motorola to launch touchscreen clamshell Krave phone

krave 01
krave 01

With the success of the iPhone, Motorola has joined BlackBerry’s Storm and Nokia’s Tube with a touchscreen phone called the Krave ZN4.

Motorola said that the Krave has an "interactive clear flip" that folds
down over the main touchscreen. This clear flipallows users to read
text messages, diary appointments, etc, with the phone closed up.

"The clear, touch-enabled flip over the large,
high-resolution touch-screen is nothing like you’ve seen and yet it’s
totally intuitive," said Ken Hallman, VP of Motorola’s mobile devices,
in a statement.

While we can make out why you need to do this (other than for
gimmickry) what you can do with the phone open is access the other
features of the phone using the 2.8-inch touchscreen (which is a 240 by
400 display).

It also sports a virtual QWERTY keyboard with full haptic feedback. Users can also access visual voicemail. And while the phone is set up for EVDO 3G networks, it doesn’t support Wi-Fi.

But Bluetooth 2.0 is present thankfully and there is a two megapixel
camera (while everyone else has phones with much higher resolution.

There is a micro SD slot that can accept cards of up to 8GB in
capacity. Which is just as well as there is a 3.5mm headphone jack for
media playback.

There is also an accelerometer so that when you show your mates a
picture of you in the pub last night displayed in the correct
orientation (even if your weren’t after the eighth pint).

The clamshell phone is primarily aimed at the American maket where this
style of phone does particularly well. At present there are no details
of an European launch.

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