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Blu Xbox finally on the cards?

xbox 360 elite
xbox 360 elite

Xbox 360 EliteThose Blu-ray Xbox 360 rumours just won’t go away. And if you believe the rumblings coming from the hardware news website X-bit Labs, the inevitable might finally be about to happen… 

According to reports, Toshiba and Samsung are combining their efforts to create an external disc drive for the XBox 360.

The add-on, if it exists, would be expected to retail in the US for around $100 to $150 (around £58-86).

That would put the Xbox back in competition with Sony’s PlayStation 3 in the high-definition stakes, since Blu-ray whopped HD DVD’s ass back in February of this year. 

It still leaves Microsoft without a player inside one of its games consoles – although the company has always preferred such items to be peripherals and never even bothered to produce a dedicated HD DVD version of the Xbox 360.

Naturally, Microsoft is sticking to its policy of "no comment" when it comes to rumours, even if X-bit Labs claims to have the skinny from "sources close to the Toshiba-Samsung partnership".

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