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Wii Speak Channel launch date revealed

wii speak
wii speak

Gaming company Nintendo has finally revealed the date when the Wii Speak Channel goes live in Europe – 5th December.

While the service will be free you will have to have an internet
connection to use it as well as the forking out some dosh for the Wii
Speak microphone. At present the only way to get the microphone is to
purchase Animal Crossing: Let’s Go to the City, (also released on the
same day – natch!)

The new Wii Speak channel allows up to four people to talk and send
text messages as well as send each other pictures. Of course, the only
way to swap this information is the share Friend Codes.

"Socialising and communicating with friends and family has just got
easier – and more fun," gushed Nintendo from and automated press

Also, Miis, the little avatars that you can create on the Wii, will
mouth the words the microphone picks up, which is kinda cool.

At present, there are no details on the pricing of the new game and microphone bundle.