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Rise of the Robots (who vacuum)

electrolux trilobite
electrolux trilobite

Ever wished you could have someone do your vacuuming for you? Without it sounding clichéd enough already, would it help if there was a robot involved?

Electrolux have released the Trilobite 2.0, dubbed the “ultimate lifestyle accessory.”

Developed from an anthropod that vacuumed the ocean bed for small animals and particles around 250 million years ago, the Trilobite 2.0 is capable of sensing stairs and adjusting floor patterns where necessary.

The machine can find its own way back to the charger when it needs charging, otherwise it keeps going without complaint – ah how relaxing, lazy…whatever you would like to call it!

If the cleaning hasn’t been completed when the vacuum cleaner needs to be charged, the Trilobite 2.0 continues cleaning when charging is finished, after about two hours. Once cleaning is completed, the machine returns to its charging station and switches to rest mode.

The Trilobite 2.0 also has three cleaning programs – normal, quick and spot check. It will go on sale for around £1000.

 It will be featured at the Grand Designs Live in Birmingham this week.