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Nyko makes PS3 media friendly

nyko media hub plus
nyko media hub plus

Nyko Media Hub for PlayStation 3 (PS3) Wish you could plug more stuff into your PS3? How about kitting it out with a three-port USB hub and a multi-card reader? Well, there’s one available in stores now if you live in the USA. And it looks a bit like a android’s head… 

Nyko Technologies Media Hub+ for PlayStation 3 is compatible with all PS3 models and "easily" attaches to the console, adding three additional USB ports and a media card reader slot that supports SD cards and Memory Sticks.

"The Media Hub+ expands the PS3’s media capabilities, while maintaining a clean form factor by matching the contour and finish of the system," Nyko said today. 

"The Media Hub+’s unique design requires no tools or internal modifications, draws power directly from the PS3, and installs instantly."

Those extra USB devices are good for accessing Flash drives, the PlayStation Portable (PSP), MP3 players and additional controllers.

Nyko said the recent popularity of games requiring multiple peripherals, such as the various music/rhythm games, makes the Media Hub+ a necessity for owners of the 40GB PS3 console.

“The 40GB model is the best-selling version of the PS3 console in North America but it sacrifices several USB ports and the media card reader,” said Chris Arbogast, Director of Marketing at Nyko Technologies.

“We saw the Media Hub+ as an opportunity to provide users of this model with an option to expand their console’s multimedia capabilities with the additional USB ports and media card reader, all at an affordable price.”

Nyko’s Media Hub+ for PS3 is available in stores now for the suggested retail price of $19.99.