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Blackberry brews up an iPhone-killing Storm

bb appcenter
bb appcenter

One of the few things that people criticise Apple’s iPhone for is the
lack of copy and paste functionality. The latest Storm smartphone from
BlackBerry aims to pick up these disaffected customers.

According to reports from Boy Genius Report,
the new Storm smartphone will allow users to highlight highlight and
copy portions of text using the phone’s multitouch features. Something
the iPhone cannot do. According to the report this will take time to
master, but it said that the feature is "simple, brillant and

The BlackBerry touchscreen mobile also sports an inbuilt accelerometer
and a resizeable on-screen keyboard, which can become QWERTY in
landscape mode and a phone keypad in portrait mode.

The Storm smartphone will feature a 3.2 megapixel camera and a whole
gig of internal memeory as well as 128MB of flash memory.
Disappointingly the screen itself is atraditional 4:3 ration (480 by
360) and not a widescreen.However, it will sport a GPS, WiFi
connectivity and stereo Bluetooth.

The mobile phone will also feature Blackberry Media Sync which syncs
multimedia stuff to the Storm and better Facebook integration. Not only
that, it appears that BlackBerry has stolen several pages from both
Apple’s App Store and T-Mobile G1 Android Market with its new
BlackBerry Application Center.

The new store is set to "launch on the
the BlackBerry Storm’s version 4.7 operating system" and will allow
the user to locate and install third-party BlackBerry apps hosted
by carriers, according to website Crackberry.

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