Home News Twelve South unveils Curve Riser stand for iMacs and external monitors

Twelve South unveils Curve Riser stand for iMacs and external monitors

Stand offers extra storage under your iMac and external monitor

12s CurveRiser Front HiRes scaled
12s CurveRiser Front HiRes scaled

Twelve South has launched its new Curve Riser stand for iMacs and external monitors. It is a sleek, modern stand for iMac and external monitors. It is the ultimate home office accessory, as it raises monitors to eye-level, offering an ergonomic setup that prevents neck strain.

Furthermore, it has an integrated shelf with ventilation for storing hard drives, gadgets, and personal possessions. Curve Riser can also be used independently of the Curve for iMac, iMac Pro or any monitor with a base width up to ten inches, to add a touch of style and storage to any modern office or home office.

To keep desks, clutter-free, Curve Riser features an integrated shelf which provides an invaluable storage solution. The shelf conveniently has ventilation, so it can safely accommodate hard drives, Mac minis and other gadgets. Alternatively, it can be used to store possessions such as keys and mobile phones.

In addition to its style and storage benefits, Curve Riser is designed with ergonomics in mind. Users no longer must endure neck strain when working for extended periods, as the stand elevates monitors by 4.25inches to offer a comfortable, eye-level viewing height.

Andrew Green, founder & designer at Twelve South comments; “Home offices have unquestionably become more important than ever this year and we believe that a comfortable, harmonious working space is vital to productivity and creativity. We designed the Curve Riser not only to look fantastic, but to offer key features including ergonomic benefits and storage solutions to improve the home working experience.”

The Curve Riser is available now for £79.99 at Amazon.co.uk.

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