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iDect Z10i launches

idect z10i
idect z10i

No more will you have to pass the phone around the household or office, because now everyone can join in the conversation! 

A new cordless phone from iDect , the Z10i, is apparently "great for sharing calls with colleagues."

Featuring 360 degree pick up and crystal clear HD sound, the Z10i is aimed at both the SOHO office and for use at home.

"The Z10i has been designed as a practical tool for the small office or
around the home at an affordable price," said Adrian Green, Global
Sales and Marketing Director. "With comparable units at well over £200
we are confident the Z10i fits a market which has been totally

The Z10i includes storage for 100 names and
numbers, 10 hours talking and 100 hours standby time, a colour display
screen and a choice of 15 ring tones.

With a 100m range with
the handset when it is away from the base unit (300m when outdoors,)
users can not worry of the phone line breaking up – making this more
practical for the office when your away from the desk – or even having
to juggle notes, and a coffee.

You can pick one of these up from Argos and Staples for around £69.99.