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Boris wants a Wi-Fi London

boris johnson
boris johnson

boris_johnson.jpgOh, Mr
Johnson. Will you ever stop being inherently amusing? Probably not,
but you can catch our attention when you want to. Like when you
declare your intent to turn London into a Wi-Fi city.

to radio station BBC London 94.9 this morning, Gordon
Brown’s plan to end the Internet divide
came up.
He of the floppy hair called it "a bit like a
desperate bribe".

certainly think there is a case for dealing with people who are
information technology-poor, and trying to help people get online,
[but] what we need is a city where anywhere you go, you can log on,
you can get on the web. They’ve done it in other parts of the world;
why on earth can’t we do it?" Johnson went on.

He then
suggested starting the project off in the Olympic area of Stratford,
but remained tight-lipped on whether it would be free to use, or
indeed where the money could come from. Still, consider our
curiosity officially piqued.

to thinkbroadband.com
for the transcript.)