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Rumour: 32GB 3G iPhone after Christmas

3g iphone
3g iphone

3g_iphone.pngWith the new iPod Touch
sporting a whole 32GB worth of storage it wouldn’t be too long before
rumours started to fly of a 3G iPhone also carrying the same amount of
space. According to said rumours a 32GB iPhone could be on the cards as
soon as January 2009.


According to that august journal Apple Insider , you will be able to
walk into an Apple Store and leave with a more capacious iPhone a few
weeks after Christmas.

The website reckons that stocks of the 8GB version are running low.
Previously, the 2G iPhone was running low of stock shortly before it
was replaced withthe 3G version, hence why the rumours are circulating

A brand new 32GB iPhone could cost as much as £500 and with a better
battery life  and improved 3.2 Megapixel camera, they babies could fly
off the shelves.Other rumours are of a price cut for hte 16GB version and a discontinuation of the 8GB.


Of course the rumour hits the streets just before the launch of the
Nokia N96, which boasts 24GB of storage. Makes you wonder who
sanctioned the leak of this information?

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