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UK iPhone price dropped by 100 quid

apple iphone2
apple iphone2

Apple iPhoneHow long will it be before the Apple iPhone is selling like its fruit counterpart on a market stall? “Come on, get your Apples. I’m not asking £269. I’m not even asking £219. You, dahhling, can take it away for just £169.”


We’d like to think that’s what’s happening at UK branches of O2 shops and the Carphone Warehouse right now, where Apple’s blabber is on sale for £100 less.

The price cut only applies to the 8GB iPhone at the moment, with no movement on the newer 16GB model.

O2, which is the only company to carry the iPhone, had already reduced the cost of its tariffs to tempt in users.

The move has added fuel to a number of rumours: first, that the deal is designed to act as a stock clearance before a 3G iPhone launches in the summer; and second that sales have so far failed to meet Apple and O2’s expectations.