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Rumour: Apple iPhone nano to come this Christmas


apple_iphone_o2.jpgIf you are an Apple fanboy, you’d better be good for goodness sakes,
because if the rumours are to be true then you could find a shiny new iPhone nano in your stocking.

According to  that august technology journal the Daily Mail
a cut down version of the super soaraway iPhone could be in O2 shops
for Chrimble. The ickle device, however, looks likely to set punters
back a cool £150.

An industry source told the paper that the launch would be "a big
one!". It is expected that the iPhone nano will be available to
customers on pay-as-you-go as they apparently can’t afford the standard
monthly tariff.

"A cut down version, with the candy bar shape of iPod
nano music players, would be a huge hit as a Christmas gift," the
source told the paper.

Unlike the iPhone, the new nano mobile will sport "a touch wheel on the
back and display on the front so that numbers would be dialled from

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