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O2 shuffles iPhone tariffs


Apple iPhoneThe iPhone may be an object of desire for most gagdet lovers, but so far many have resisted because O2’s tariffs haven’t been that inviting. That’ll all change soon, though…

From 1 February, the £35-a-month package will triple the amount of available minutes to 600 in total, with 500 texts a month rather than the measly 200.

The £45-a-month will also now boast all the benefits of the previous £55 tarif (1,200 mins/500 texts).

Don’t worry if you signed up for the £55 price plan as O2 will drop your monthly fee accordingly.

As for the £55 option? Well that gets canned completely in favour of a whopping £75 monthly cost.

What do you get for £900 a year, we hear you ask? That’d be 3,000 minutes and 500 texts.

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