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Sennheiser takes earbuds wireless

sennheiser mx w1 set
sennheiser mx w1 set

Sennheiser MX Wireless 1 “It’s not cheap, but it is very, very good,” the PR guy tells us. And for £299.99 we’d want a pair of wireless headphones to be cranking out tunes at a cracking quality. Looks like we might have found just what we’re looking for…

The Sennheiser MX Wireless 1 claims to be the world’s first “Hi-fi quality” wireless personal earphones.

The system uses new ‘Kleer’ wireless technology that transmits
at 2.37Mbps peak bit rate and is able to carry full CD-quality stereo
audio, without using any lossy compression.

“This is the first and only portable wireless headphone system,
that is able to transmit full CD-quality stereo audio and is a logical
extension of Sennheiser’s technological lead in consumer and
professional wireless audio systems,” the same PR guy enthuses.

He describes it as a luxury high-technology product for early adopters. Well early adopters with £299 kicking about in their wallet. So what do you get for your money?

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Well, the set up includes:
* Miniature wireless in-ear Hi-fi earphones
* Robust 2.4GHz digital link
* Unprecedented immunity to interference
* Diversity antenna technology
* No Lip Sync problems with video
* System gives a full day’s use on one charge
* For any player with a 3.5mm headphone jack, including all iPhones and iPods
* Sennheiser quality earphone technology and construction
* New 14mm drive units built for the MX W1.

Sennheiser said the hi-fi quality digital transmission was possible thanks to the Kleer digital wireless technology, which was 10 times more efficient than Bluetooth.

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The MX Wireless 1 kit features two separate earphones, a tiny transmitter and a carrying case with integrated charger, the MX W1 offers an uncompressed digital wireless connection and delivers true high-fidelity stereo sound.

The wireless earbuds weigh just 10g each and use Sennheiser’s patented ‘Twist-to-fit’ system.

The dynamic speaker systems use powerful neodymium magnets to
deliver clear and detailed audio reproduction.

If that’s whet your appetite, there’ll be a limited quantity available in the shops in late Aug.