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Sony unveils new Blu-Ray players


Now that the hi-def wars are over we can seriously think of buying a
Blu-Ray player. Not only that, they are Profile 2.0 ones so they will
last longer than HD-DVD managed to.

new BDP-S350 sports an Ethernet port, USB connectivity for external
storage and BonusView picture-in-picture capability (at last).

Not only that, the players are BD-Live ready, so firmware updates
from the internet will ensure that the player is compatible with
internet-enabled films when they get to the shops.

The compnay also puled the sheet off its new BDP-S550, which has a near-identical feature set.

Both will support Full-HD (1080/60p) video and will feature Dolby True
HD and Dolby Digital Plus. On top of this, the S550 can handle DTS-HD High Resolution
Audio and Master Audio, and has 7.1-channel analogue outputs.

The S550 has 1GB storage within its casing.

The BDP-S350 has a price tag of $400 (£204), while the BDP-S550
will cost $500 (£254). It’ll be out in the US but no word on European
launch dates. Or better still go out and buy a PS3, you know you want


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