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Review: LG Flatron L226WTQ monitor


To be honest, when it comes to PC monitors, size is everything. OK,
maybe not everything there are other things to consider. For example
will the monitor be any good for big spreadsheets or will it be any
good for playing Crysis? Whatever you want, LG hopes it has the perfect
widescreen monitor for you. 

Of course, LG does like its contrast ratio figures, claiming a big
5,000:1 for its new L226WTQ PC monitor. What should that mean to the
average punter. Well, Dark black and brilliant whites (Maybe it’s a new
type of washing powder with that type of claim). The monitor itself is
a big 22-inch monitor with a 1,680×1,050 native resolution. The device in itself has a 13mm silver bezel at the top and around the sides and sits atop a shiny black stand.

The display stand can swivel and tilt (a bit), but it can be a struggle
sometimes. What it doesn’t seem to pivot and the height of the monitor
doesn’t adjust. Under the front of the display are six control buttons. These include power, auto and source
buttons as well as an EZ zoom button and another called F-engine. You can manually
adjustment to brightness and colour which can be saved while in user mode.

Around the back are DVI
(which is HDCP compliant) and D-sub inputs. Unfortunately the monitor
doesn’t come with speakers so these have to be supplied yourself (which
is no bad thing really – you can buy some decent ones separately).

Switching between modes shows a split-screen which shows the original setting and the new setting. Using the movie mode, the digital
fine contrast (DFC) ratio comes into play. So what of the picture. The
tests gave us film clips that had vibrant colours, deep, dark blacks
and whiter-than-white whites (well almost, it ain’t Daz!)

Overall, for the money (around £180 plus VAT) you can’t go far wrong with this beauty.

Rating: 8/10

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