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New sci-fi jim-jams could get you a good night’s sleep

travelodge pyjamas
travelodge pyjamas

The journalist’s life can be pretty ironic. Here we are writing at all hours of the day mainly because we can’t get any sleep. Maybe we should check into the Travelodge as it’s launched a new range of pyjamas that are so high-tech you could be forgiven for thinking you have walked onto the film set of some dystopian sci-fi movie.

The hotel chain is trailing new customised therapeutic bed-togs produced from a revolutionary fabric
called ‘Dermasilk‘. According to the company ths material feels like a second skin. It allows the skin to breathe, regulates body temperature (in hot and cold conditions) and maintains the skin’s moisture balance.

This unique material made from natural knitted silk also has the additional benefits of controlling body odour and is ideal for people who may suffer from skin disorders – such as eczema and dermatitis as it reduces the symptoms of itching and scratching.

Leigh McCarron, Travelodge Sleep Director said: “As a retailer of sleep, we are constantly investigating innovative ways, on how we can help our customers attain a good night’s sleep. Something as simple as changing your bed attire can dramatically affect your quality of sleep.

To coincide with the jim-jam trial, which is being carried out in Travelodges at London Heathrow T5, Birmingham Fiveways, Bristol Central, Manchester Central and Edinburgh Central, the company has undertook a big survey of Brits
which found that23 per cent of Brits said they suffer from itchy night clothes which stops them from getting a good night’s sleep, being too hot or cold is a common complaint for Brits with 66 per cent confirming
their body temperature changes constantly throughout the night which affects their sleep pattern and more people feel too hot (54 per cent) in comparison to feeling cold (35 per cnet) while sleeping.

The second skin sleepwear is available for men and women and comes in four different sizes and the outfit
consists of leggings, long sleeved tee-shirt, gloves, socks and a facial mask.

It’s a bit kinky isn’t it! Where do we sign?