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New gadget promises lower power bills


Many of our loved ones may be searching for that perfect Christmas gift
and not only that, if your sweetheart has the environment on their mind
then what better way of showing them your love by getting them a green

Called the Efergy Meter, this little device allow you to monitor how much electricity you are using. The device has
a sophisticated, built-in memory function which totals up and records
consumption at the end of every day, week and month on a rolling basis.
This means the user really can keep track of his own energy usage.

As the data on the screen of the Efergy meter is refreshed every six seconds, the impact on power usage of
an electrical appliance on or off can be seen immediately.

According to the manufacturer, the
Efergy meter can work really well for
businesses too. Having a visual display of exactly how much electricity
is being consumed, means users can turn off what is not essential, such
as little-used printers or fax machines on stand-by, switch off
unnecessary lighting and start to install things such as low energy
light bulbs and push-timer switches.


They also said that with this kind of information,
Efergy meter really can help change people’s lives at home and at work
and enable them to become more energy efficient and less wasteful when
it comes to using electricity, without drastic lifestyle changes.

as well ad doing your bit for the planet in terms of reduced CO2
emissions, it will save money in lower electricity bills.

takes just a few minutes and does not require any tools or
cable-cutting. Once set
up, the transmitter has a range of 40 metres. The Efergy meter costs £42.95 and more details on the device can be found here.