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Braun 2838 Cruzer4 Body & Face Shaver review


Electric shavers used to be relatively simple affairs, you switched it on and applied to face until beard was gone. But in these metrosexual days, us men are expected to shave every hair off our bodies. The new Braun Cruzer4 shaver may have a slightly suspect name but can it deliver on its promise of a shaver that can trim ayour beard and give you a Brazilian as well?

The shaver itself has a floating foil which can be used wet or dry. It also comes with an array of attachments to allow you to trim virtually every part of your body to whatever length you desire.

Charging up takes around an hour and can be done by attaching a power lead to the shaver itself or by putting it on a little charging dock. You can get about 30 minutes shaving time before it stops, but you also charge it up for five minutes for a quick shave. There is also an indicator that shows if it has charge left.

The shaver itself feels well-built and glides over the face quite well. In fact the shave quality is about on par with the Philips Arcitec shaver we reviewed earlier in the year.

But shaving is not the only part of the equation, the trimmer works very well around the body and the finished look is on par with applying hair removal cream. (Trust us on this one – we are not going to elaborate any further on this!)

Overall, for around £60-70 this gets you the same quality as a shaver double or treble its price.