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Jobs keeps the iPod in Touch

ipod touch
ipod touch

iPod TouchApple has announced updates to the world’s favourite music player. The iconic iPod has added more storage and a bigger screen, while a touchscreen model offers Wi-Fi to surf the net and download songs.

The iPod Touch, which Jobs said was fashioned after the iPhone, is slimmer than Apple’s mobile but has a similar multitouch interface, Wi-Fi connectivity and built-in Safari web browser.

It will feature dedicated buttons to allow quick access to YouTube, Google and Yahoo.

It will cost from $299 to $399, depending on the size of its memory and Jobs said Apple will begin shipping the iPod Touch this month.

The price of Apple’s recent iPhone was also slashed.

The iPhone will only now be sold in its larger 8GB format, with $200 being wiped off its $599 launch price.

Apple will also make changes to the iTunes music store, to allow users to buy songs using a wireless connection.

A deal with Starbucks will see users able to download songs currently playing in the chain’s coffee shops straight to their player.

Apple isn’t giving up on the original version of its iPod though – which Jobs called “the Classic”.

A thinner version with a full metal design will launch with 80GB of storage ($249) and a slightly thicker model will come with 160GB of storage ($349).

Meanwhile, a new version of the Nano will play video and have a larger, brighter screen, as well as coming bundled with three games.

The Nano will come in 4GB ($149) and 8GB ($199) sizes splashed in red, silver, blue, green or black.