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Nacon Pro Compact Controller review

Customizability and Dolby Atmos on cheap controller


The Nacon Pro compact programmable controller is suitable for the Xbox series of consoles including the Xbox series X and S, the Xbox One, and Windows 10.

Before we look at the controller, we should mention that this has a headphone socket on the bottom, and this enables Dolby Atmos sound. So, if you use a suitable headset this will give you good sound; the power of Dolby Atmos in your games. There’s also a really impressive control panel that you can gain access to configure the sound and of course the controller to your own preference.

Looking at some of the key features on the back, there are standard or personalized controls by the pro compact app available in the Microsoft Store. There are also button customizations, joystick customizations, trigger sensitivity, and customization for Dolby Atmos included.

The controller has all the various buttons that we’d expect on Microsoft controllers. For example, there are share buttons, menu buttons, and view buttons. It is a fully-featured controller.

It also comes with a three-metre braided cable and a Velcro cable tidy as well. This connects via USB. Of course, it is a captive cable so you can’t remove the cable from the controller, but three meters is a very generous length.

It is 15% smaller than a classic game controller to fit a wide range of hand sizes. The controller has a great trigger and shoulder buttons, and each feels genuinely nice and nicely weighted. It has responsive feedback on these and these are inset in this glossy black plastic section. This contrasts with the white look, which is a very bright crisp white on this controller and a satin finish to the top. On the underside, it is textured and really grippy. At the top, selection buttons exude build quality. The joystick controllers are nicely weighted.

We tested this on the Xbox series X and it performed admirably, giving us a pleasant experience with this controller. It felt so comfortable in the hands. Being nicely weighted, everything falls in the position you’d want it to.

The Nacon Pro Compact costs €49.90/£44.99 either direct from Nacon or currently available via Smyths Toys in the UK.