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SEAT Leon CUPRA R Estate review

This estate has sports car chops and impressive in-car equipment

seat leon st cupra r wallpaper hd 91911
seat leon st cupra r wallpaper hd 91911

We here didn’t realise that estate cars could be fast as we are more use to a lumbering diesel that does 0-60 eventually. However, the SEAT Leon Cupra R is no slouch.

The Leon CUPRA R Estate is at the top of the Leon CUPRA stable and comes with 300PS, 4Drive and a 7-speed DSG gearbox. However, it is also available with an uprated 370PS when the optional ABT tuning pack is added, reducing its 0-62 time to 4.5 seconds. Its downforce figures are also impressive considering it’s an estate model, thanks to carbon fibres features around the exterior.

The Leon CUPRA R Estate also receives SEAT’s innovative digital cockpit, which stretches 10.25-inches behind the steering wheel and shows detailed mapping information for the vicinity you’re in, making it easier to find parking facilities, garages and follow directions etc. also making it far safer for the driver to keep their eyes on the road ahead.

Inside that R means a few cosmetic upgrades, such as copper accents on the dashboard and a copper Seat badge on the steering wheel. There is also black Alcantara on the supportive bucket seats to keep you in the seat when bombing down country lanes.

All the infotainment screen and heating controls are within easy reach and the display is clear with easy to read menus. There is also a configurable digital instrument display that shows a wide range of information lucidly.

There are new uprights to enhance the front suspension assembly. The camber has been changed to enhance each tyre’s contact patch.

The boot will accept 587-litres of luggage, the sides are intrusion-free and folding down the seats can be done from the boot opening or the seats themselves.

Just 150 of these will be sold in the UK and most have already gone. If you’re after a fast estate car that grips the road, then look no further, the Cupra R ST should be right up your street.