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Google Nest continues to develop on all fronts. With the Google Nest Hub Max another big step forward has been taken. The Max is simply a larger variant of the Nest Hub, equipped with a ten-inch screen and a camera that can also immediately serve as a security camera.

Google Home became a reality in 2016; a smart speaker with Google Assistant which you can use voice control to play music and control smart cameras and lights, among other things. In 2017, Google then launched the Google Home Mini and Google Home Max; a small and a high-end version of Google Home respectively. Then came the Google Home Hub in 2018, a smart speaker with a digital assistant and a screen.

This year the Nest Hub Max has been added to the offer; it is well worth buying a Google Nest Hub. The Nest Hub Max is also a smart speaker that has had a number of changes compared to the Home Hub. The most striking change is undoubtedly in the name. Google Home is no longer since Nest and Google were merged last year. Max is the first result of this collaboration from Google Nest.

What is also different is that the LCD screen has become larger. While the screen was seven inches, the Max has a screen of ten inches. The resolution is also larger: 1280 x 800. The chipset is now more powerful and moreover, there is now a stereo speaker. Initially, the Google Home Hub did not have a camera. The reason given for this choice was primarily privacy. Google and Nest have now left those privacy reasons behind, by better informing the consumer this problem is being tackled.

Nest Hub Max is able to recognise your face

With a 12 MP Sony IMX 277 camera you can always keep an eye on things. You can always see if the webcam is running due to a light that has been processed via hardware. This has the advantage that the device cannot be hacked. The new Max also offers video calling with Google Duo. You also use the existing camera to pause music if you hold your hand up in front of the camera.

A face profile can be created on Max with Face Match and Assistant. If you stand in front of the Nest Hub Max then it is able to recognise your face. Then it will only show your personal information in the form of the weather, music preferences or travel information relevant to you.

Of course, the frequently used components of the Home Hub have remained and you can still see Google photos on the larger screen and you can do this very easily with voice commands, as you still receive instructions and give a good piece of food with the help of speech to get on the table.

Easy on the counter, less easy on your bedside table

Google Nest hub vs Max; you could argue that the differences are small and you could indeed call the Max a larger Nest Hub. The shape is the same and the Max is slightly larger than the Echo Show from Amazon. This makes it easy to place on the counter, but much less suitable for the bedside table. Due to the size, Max is again considerably more stable. The Max is available in just two colours: dark grey and light grey. For the rest, much has remained the same. The volume buttons are just behind the screen on the right, there is a mute rocker switch. You can turn off the camera but still retain the listening microphone. By the way, there is no physical exclusion that blocks the view of the camera.

The camera can see who is standing in front of the screen

The Nest Hub Max sounds louder and is perfectly capable of providing great music in your living room. Most special and unique is that the camera can see who is standing in front of the screen and the personalized items that can be offered. The camera being used is a full-fledged Nest security camera that you can also use to monitor your home. The camera can give notifications if an activity is detected. It offers support for streaming live images from the camera to your smartphone, it has two-way audio and it can recognize familiar faces.

Message in the form of a green flashing light

When someone views the camera feed, the Nest Hub Max gives a message in the form of a green flashing light. The Nest Hub Max can therefore rightfully be called the most extensive display when it comes to functionality. Privacy has long been the reason for Google not to work with a camera. Now it does that.

The consumer is better informed about the privacy rules

However, it has been promised to explain the rules concerning that privacy to consumers much more clearly in order to prevent incidents as in the recent past. At the time, consumers often did not know what would happen to their data due to a lack of information. By getting better informed about this problem.

The Google Nest Hub Max is the next step in developing smart displays that should make life easier and more fun. We look forward to the next smart innovations from Google Nest!