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Omron HeatTens review

Zap the pain away with this device


Working long hours slouched at a desk with a craned neck, over-using a muscle during exercise, and lifting heavy objects are three of the most common contributors to pain – and we’re all receptive to experiencing niggling pains too frequently. Without turning to the medicinal cabinet, there is little on the market by way of support.

The OMRON HeatTens is a cutting-edge drug-free alternative to pain relief, that can help reduce and relieve muscles and joints pains in minutes. Useable anywhere (including at your desk) it can also relieve stiffness and numbness across the body thanks to a unique electrical nerve stimulation known as TENS therapy.

There are nine different therapies to choose from which are determined by the area you wish to treat. The treatment can be heat or muscle stimulation, or a combination of both. The muscle stimulation is a mixture of a tingling which is called the kneading mode, or a more direct, firm ‘thud’ sensation which is the ‘tap’ mode. There is also a ‘rub’ mode. The strength of the sensations is manually controlled by the user.

You can start on level 10 and work your way up; if the sensation becomes too intense or uncomfortable you just decrease the power by pressing the down arrow on the keypad. The unit automatically switches off after each 30-minute treatment.

The pads can be stored on a plastic paddle provided after use, to keep them clean and away from dust and should continue to stick well to your skin for up to 30 uses. Good idea to make sure your skin is clean and dry each time though and not greasy from moisturisers or pain-relief ointments that you might currently be using. A spare set of pads is also provided in the box after which you would need to buy replacements

Overall, this is quite an amazing machine; more so the heat treatment is included that really does do the job as implied.

The device is available from Amazon and Omron.