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Gyration Air Mouse Voice Review

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gym3300 side

The mouse has come a long way since the early days of a trackball and a click. While we have moved onto optical sensors and touch sensitive surfaces, there is always something else that can improve upon it.

The Air Mouse Voice from Gyration, does what you’d expect from a mouse and so much more. It is Bluetooth LE 4.0 mouse that works with Windows and Mac computers. With a wireless range of up to 70 feet (21-meters), Air Mouse Voice requires no software for normal desktop or in-air operation.

The mouse is a voice-enabled presentation remote, motion-sensitive in Air’ mouse, and precise desktop mouse all in one. Call up presentation tools and screen effects with just your Voice, or customize your effects, assigning them to mouse button or hand gesture controls using gyration’s new motion tools 3.0 software (included). a motion-sensitive in Air’ mouse, Air mouse Voice enables computer control from anywhere in the room. On the desktop, its precise cursor resolution handles the most demanding applications.

Software-wise, it comes with MotionTools 3 software, supplied exclusively by Gyration. This enables customisation of Air Mouse buttons and hand gestures, along with voice-command for the new Air Mouse Voice.

The software supports 64-bit processing and 4K screen resolutions. MotionTools 3.0 provides an extensive library of computer tools and screen effects, enabling presentation queuing, screen highlighting, annotation and zoom, media player controls, Internet navigation tools and much more.

Installing it is easy. Once the batteries are in the mouse, you turn it on using the switch underneath. You can connect Air Mouse Voice to your PC or Mac using the computer’s Bluetooth connection wizard. Press the Bluetooth ‘connect’ button on the mouse, then pair it in the computer’s Bluetooth connection window. At this point, your Air Mouse Voice should be functioning properly as a two-button mouse.

Overall, this is very easy to use and we’d recommend it. It costs £117 from Amazon.